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I’m sitting here, looking at our newspapers in our newspaper rack at Store 186 in Holiday Manor of Louisville, KY. The Louisville Courier-Journal, our hometown paper (kind of; the Courier-Journal is a Gannett property, operated out of the Washington, DC area) has two headlines at the top of today’s physical edition: one about the Ohio State shootings, and one about teens who are fearful and full of anxiety because Donald Trump won the Presidential election. You might think that teens, many of which have their sights set on heading to college, might rather have feers and anxieties about campus safety today – after a young man of Middle Eastern decent who espoused sympathetically about the Muslim faith performed a killing spree at one of America’s largest universities.

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RE: Facebook sued over ads based on racial preference


A class-action lawsuit is accusing Facebook of breaking housing and job ad discrimination laws.

A Pro Publicainvestigation last week revealed that the social network lets marketers exclude users by “ethnic affinity.” The lawsuit, first reported by Business Insider, alleges that such targeting tools are a breach of federal housing and civil right laws.

The law states that advertisements can’t show obvious preference to specific groups of home or job-seekers.

Howard Zinn, the social activist and author, the author of A People’s History of the United States, and a self-avowed democratic socialist who often championed the stories of the oppressed throughout American history; he made the argument that a key aspect of the hegemony against against the first black slaves in the United States was a stripping of their African culture. Why does this matter? It supposes that blacks have had or wanted to practice a different culture from other ethnicities in the United States.

Flash to today. FUBU (For Us By Us) fashion wear, and BET (Black Entertainment Network) are commercial and entrepreneurial enterprises by American blacks for American blacks. And, all of that is okay. But, when Facebook is threatened by laws that overlook that fact that ethnically founded cultural differences exist, are important, and are being leveraged commercially by some other enterprises; it is at best a double standard, and might be detrimental to American freedom.

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Rigged Elections?

What possible political calculus (really, “Electoral Calculus”) is inspiring Donald Trump to emphasize a theory unlikely to be true, about the possibilities of election frauds in the upcoming Presidential election? Let’s assume he’s, right: there will be election fraud. Saying so, and convincing his likely voters that it will be true discourages them from going to the polls in November. America already struggles with voter turnout, evidenced by the many “Get Out The Votes” campaigns. If he convinces his likely voters that their votes won’t count because of fraud, then he diminishes their inclinations to vote.

Again, assume He’s right. Is He doing anything to actually prevent voter fraud? How would he do that? A problem that big would take more than four months and one man to fix.

His best bet is to ignore the temptations to talk about voting fraud and power through the final days before the election. The fact there is a minuscule chance that such fraud will take place makes this an easy option.

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Test Post

Test Post

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